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iFSM Animation
State machines can be used to keep track of the state of elements of information that change over time according to sequences of events.

This package uses state machines to manage the state of complex animations of Web page elements according to configurable sequences of events.
Jam Rules
Testing is useful obviously to verify that a software package works as expected.

Often test unit scripts need to check if the variables of an object contain some expected values.

This package makes it easy to achieve this by letting the developer define some object matching rules and run tests that verify if the variables of target objects contain values that match the specified rules.
JS Sound
Many sites need to call to the attention of the users when certain events occur. Playing sounds is one of the ways to achieve that.

This object can play sounds as result of events that may occur due to user interactions.
Simple JavaScript Windows
Some applications need to show different types of activity on the same Web page in a way that suits better the user.

One way to display the application activities is to show them in windows that the user can manipulate, but at the same time are not blocked by browsers that block the opening of popup windows.

This package implements a window management system that runs in a single browser window, thus without using any real browser windows.
jQuery Custom Select
Form select inputs are very useful to let the users select options from a list but they are also limited in the way you can style their presentation.

This jQuery plugin provides an alternative solution that consists in recreating page elements that work like a select input, but can be styled in many ways.

It just copies the initial attributes and values of an existing select input that becomes hidden and synchronizes the selected options, so the form value submission works well as before.
EcmaScript 6 already supports JavaScript classes like in other languages but not all browser and environments on which JavaScript runs support EcmaScript 6.

This package can emulate the creation of classes using either Node.js, jQuery and JavaScript in a way that works in environments that support only EcmaScript 5.
jQuery Benchmark Tool
A command line interface is user interface component that allows users to type commands to execute actions.

This package provides a command line interface like Unix/Linux shells. It allows developers to let the users type commands with given names and it will execute actions eventually calling the Web server using AJAX requests.
JS AJAXify PushState
AJAX allows to load page content faster as it does not require to load the whole page again.

However, to take advantage of AJAX you need to change pages to send AJAX requests when the user interacts with it. You also need to update the page history, so the browser goes back to the right page when the user hits the back button.

This package provides a solution for both problems. It changes page links so when the users click on them the code sends AJAX requests to the server in order to load the next page.

At the same time, it updates the page history state, so the back button clicks will make the browser go back to the right pages.
JavaScript Color Mixer
Many sites allow users to customize user interfaces aspects like for instance colors of the different UI elements.

This package provides a nice user interface to let the users pick one color by the means of sliders or text inputs that allow controlling the color values in either RGB or HSV formats.
JavaScript Descriptive Statistics
This objects can perform descriptive statistics on data sets.

It takes a set of values from a given page form input and performs several types of operations.

The results are displayed in a given page elements.