File: cypress/integration/user_agent.js

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File: cypress/integration/user_agent.js
Role: Auxiliary script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary script
Class: Countly Web SDK
Track site accesses and errors the Countly API
Author: By
Last change: Added uad to bot detection (#467)

* user agent data

* removed member comment

* added to internals
release ready (#463)
Date: 6 months ago
Size: 3,610 bytes


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/* eslint-disable cypress/no-unnecessary-waiting */ /* eslint-disable require-jsdoc */ var Countly = require("../../lib/countly"); var hp = require("../support/helper"); function initMain() { Countly.init({ app_key: "YOUR_APP_KEY", url: "https://your.domain.countly", test_mode_eq: true }); } // TODO: Make tests browser specific as all browsers does not support userAgentData yet. // TODO: check if userAgentData is configurable in cypress config file (currently not) describe("User Agent tests ", () => { it("Check if the user agent set by the developer was recognized by the SDK", () => { hp.haltAndClearStorage(() => { cy.visit("./cypress/fixtures/user_agent.html"); // we set an attribute in documentElement (html tag for html files) called data-countly-useragent at our SDK with the currentUserAgentString function value, check if it corresponds to user agent string cy.get("html") .invoke("attr", "data-countly-useragent") // this value was set at the cypress.json file .should("eq", "abcd"); // in test html file we created a button and set its value to detect_device(), check if it returns the correct device type cy.get("button") .invoke("attr", "value") // useragent had no info on device type so should return desktop by default .should("eq", "desktop"); // in test html file we created a button and set its name to is_bot(), check if it returns the correct value cy.get("button") .invoke("attr", "name") // useragent has no info about search bots so returns false .should("eq", "false"); }); }); it("Check if currentUserAgentString works as intended", () => { hp.haltAndClearStorage(() => { initMain(); // from the config file set ua value expect(Countly._internals.currentUserAgentString()).to.equal("abcd"); // we override the ua string expect(Countly._internals.currentUserAgentString("123")).to.equal("123"); }); }); it("Check if userAgentDeviceDetection works as intended", () => { hp.haltAndClearStorage(() => { initMain(); // setting ua value to strings that can pass the regex test expect(Countly._internals.userAgentDeviceDetection("123")).to.equal("desktop"); expect(Countly._internals.userAgentDeviceDetection("mobile")).to.equal("phone"); expect(Countly._internals.userAgentDeviceDetection("tablet")).to.equal("tablet"); }); }); it("Check if userAgentSearchBotDetection works as intended", () => { hp.haltAndClearStorage(() => { initMain(); // setting ua value to strings that can pass the regex test expect(Countly._internals.userAgentSearchBotDetection("")).to.equal(false); expect(Countly._internals.userAgentSearchBotDetection("123")).to.equal(false); expect(Countly._internals.userAgentSearchBotDetection("Googlebot")).to.equal(true); expect(Countly._internals.userAgentSearchBotDetection("Google")).to.equal(false); expect(Countly._internals.userAgentSearchBotDetection("HeadlessChrome")).to.equal(true); expect(Countly._internals.userAgentSearchBotDetection("Chrome-Lighthouse")).to.equal(true); expect(Countly._internals.userAgentSearchBotDetection("Lighthouse")).to.equal(true); }); }); });