File: cypress/integration/internal_limits.js

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File: cypress/integration/internal_limits.js
Role: Auxiliary script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary script
Class: Countly Web SDK
Track site accesses and errors the Countly API
Author: By
Last change: New bundle (#456)

* new bundle

* read

* is

* reordered countly

* to countly

* re order features

* seperated elses

* function gap

* linter

* reverse linter

* gap

* more

* increased test robustness

* reminified

* removed mapping

* Update


Co-authored-by: Artūrs Kadiķis <>
fix and try countly removal (#455)
Date: 7 months ago
Size: 6,820 bytes


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/* eslint-disable cypress/no-unnecessary-waiting */ /* eslint-disable require-jsdoc */ var Countly = require("../../lib/countly"); var hp = require("../support/helper"); const limits = { key: 8, value: 8, segment: 3, breadcrumb: 2, line_thread: 3, line_length: 10 }; function initMain() { Countly.init({ app_key: "YOUR_APP_KEY", url: "https://your.domain.countly", test_mode_eq: true, test_mode: true, debug: true, max_key_length: limits.key, // set maximum key length here max_value_size: limits.value, // set maximum value length here max_segmentation_values: limits.segment, // set maximum segmentation number here max_breadcrumb_count: limits.breadcrumb, // set maximum number of logs that will be stored before erasing old ones max_stack_trace_lines_per_thread: limits.line_thread, // set maximum number of lines for stack trace max_stack_trace_line_length: limits.line_length // set maximum length of a line for stack }); } const error = { stack: "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,\n consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor\n incididunt ut labore et dolore magna\n aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.\n Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate\n velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia\n deserunt mollit anim id\n est laborum." }; const bread = { one: "log1", two: "log2", three: "log3", four: "log4", five: "log5 too many", six: "log6", seven: "log7" }; const customEvent = { key: "Enter your key here", count: 1, segmentation: { "key of 1st seg": "Value of 1st seg", "key of 2nd seg": "Value of 2nd seg", "key of 3rd seg": "Value of 3rd seg", "key of 4th seg": "Value of 4th seg", "key of 5th seg": "Value of 5th seg" } }; const viewName = "a very long page name"; const userDetail = { name: "Gottlob Frege", username: "Grundgesetze", email: "", organization: "Bialloblotzsky", phone: "+4555999423", // Web URL pointing to user picture picture: ",550x550,075,f.u3.jpg", gender: "M", byear: 1848, // birth year custom: { "SEGkey 1st one": "SEGVal 1st one", "SEGkey 2st one": "SEGVal 2st one", "SEGkey 3st one": "SEGVal 3st one", "SEGkey 4st one": "SEGVal 4st one", "SEGkey 5st one": "SEGVal 5st one" } }; const customProperties = { set: ["name of a character", "Bertrand Arthur William Russell"], set_once: ["A galaxy far far away", "Called B48FF"], increment_by: ["byear", 123456789012345], multiply: ["byear", 2345678901234567], max: ["byear", 3456789012345678], min: ["byear", 4567890123456789], push: ["gender", "II Fernando Valdez"], push_unique: ["gender", "III Fernando Valdez"], pull: ["gender", "III Fernando Valdez"] }; describe("Internal limit tests ", () => { it("Checks if custom event limits works", () => { hp.haltAndClearStorage(() => { initMain(); Countly.add_event(customEvent); cy.fetch_local_event_queue().then((eq) => { expect(eq.length).to.equal(1); cy.check_custom_event_limit(eq[0], customEvent, limits); }); }); }); it("Checks if view event limits works", () => { hp.haltAndClearStorage(() => { initMain(); Countly.track_pageview(viewName); cy.fetch_local_event_queue().then((eq) => { // TODO: when view event is truncated we provide cvid instead of pvid. fix this cy.log(eq); expect(eq.length).to.equal(1); cy.check_view_event_limit(eq[0], viewName, limits); expect(eq[0].id); expect(eq[0].id.length).to.equal(21); expect(eq[0].pvid).to.equal(""); }); }); }); it("Checks if view event limits works", () => { hp.haltAndClearStorage(() => { initMain(); Countly.add_log(; Countly.add_log(bread.two); Countly.add_log(bread.three); Countly.add_log(bread.four); Countly.add_log(bread.five); Countly.add_log(bread.six); Countly.add_log(; Countly.log_error(error); cy.fetch_local_request_queue().then((rq) => { expect(rq.length).to.equal(1); cy.check_error_limit(rq[0], limits); }); }); }); it("Checks if user detail limits works", () => { hp.haltAndClearStorage(() => { initMain(); Countly.user_details(userDetail); cy.fetch_local_request_queue().then((rq) => { expect(rq.length).to.equal(1); cy.check_user_details(rq[0], userDetail, limits); }); }); }); it("Checks if custom property limits works", () => { hp.haltAndClearStorage(() => { initMain(); Countly.userData.set(customProperties.set[0], customProperties.set[1]); // set custom property Countly.userData.set_once(customProperties.set_once[0], customProperties.set_once[1]); // set custom property only if property does not exist Countly.userData.increment_by(customProperties.increment_by[0], customProperties.increment_by[1]); // increment value in key by provided value Countly.userData.multiply(customProperties.multiply[0], customProperties.multiply[1]); // multiply value in key by provided value Countly.userData.max(customProperties.max[0], customProperties.max[1]); // save max value between current and provided Countly.userData.min(customProperties.min[0], customProperties.min[1]); // save min value between current and provided Countly.userData.push(customProperties.push[0], customProperties.push[1]); // add value to key as array element Countly.userData.push_unique(customProperties.push_unique[0], customProperties.push_unique[1]); // add value to key as array element, but only store unique values in array Countly.userData.pull(customProperties.pull[0], customProperties.pull[1]); // remove value from array under property with key as name; cy.fetch_local_request_queue().then((rq) => { expect(rq.length).to.equal(1); cy.check_custom_properties_limit(rq[0], customProperties, limits); }); }); }); });