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Role: Example script
Content type: text/markdown
Description: Example script
Class: Countly Web SDK
Track site accesses and errors the Countly API
Author: By
Last change: Merge branch 'staging' into saltsum
Merge branch 'staging' into hc-empty-string-issue
vversion update
version update
Added salt
HC empty string issue
[FW] Terms and conditions support
[Fix] tracking errors async (#483)
Added a method to process the async queue (#472)

* Added a method to process the async queue

* lint

* split functions
Date: 3 months ago
Size: 15,222 bytes


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! Minor breaking change ! For implementations using salt the browser compatability is tied to SubtleCrypto's digest method support

  • Added the `salt` init config flag to add checksums to requests (for secure contexts only)
  • Improved Health Check feature stability
  • Added support for Feedback Widget terms and conditions


  • Mitigated an issue where error tracking could prevent SDK initialization in async mode


  • Mitigated an issue where the SDK was not emptying the async queue explicity when closing a browser


  • Enhanced userAgentData detection for bot filtering


  • Added bot detection for workers
  • Added the ability to clear stored device IDs in the workers
  • Mitigated an issue where utm naming could have been affected if 'searchQuery' did not return '?'


  • Improved bot detection capabilities


  • Added methods for bridged SDK usage


  • You can now provide custom storage methods to the SDK
  • You can now use the SDK in web workers
  • From this version on the SDK is bundled from the Countly JavaScript SDK


  • You can now add segmentation while presenting a widget with 'present_feedback_widget'


  • Adding app version information to every request
  • Mitigated an issue where if a long numerical device ID was changed while SDK was running at multiple tabs, it was parsed


  • Mitigated an issue where numerical device IDs were parsed at the initialization


  • Added a new flag, 'loadAPMScriptsAsync', which can load the APM related scripts automatically for Async implementations
  • Adding SDK health check requests after init
  • Adding remaining request queue size information to every request
  • Fixed a bug where unnecessary device ID merge information was sent to the server


  • Default max segmentation value count changed from 30 to 100


  • Mitigated an issue that could have caused view IDs to be terminated prematurely when using manual sessions and end_session was called abruptly


  • Events are now recorded with an internal ID.
  • Mitigated an issue where users could have truncate an internal event key
  • Mitigated an issue where SDK was reporting empty scroll values
  • Mitigated an issue that caused the device changes, after init, to not reflect on memory
  • Fixed a bug where previous session cookie persisted even when the 'clear_stored_id' flag was set to true


  • SDK now adds userAgent string to each request to prevent proxy related issues
  • Added a method to cancel timed events manually
  • Fixed a race condition bug where a recorded event would have the wrong user properties in the drill database on the server. Now event queue is emptied (formed into a request) before recording any user profile changes


  • Fixed an issue with remote configs not working without a parameter


  • Fixed an issue that arose when sending crashes through a gateway. User agent information is now sent as part of the request.


  • ! Minor breaking change ! If no domain whitelist is provided for the heatmaps the SDK will fallback to your server url
  • Fixed a bug where heatmap files were susceptible to DOM XSS
  • Users can now input their domain whitelist for heatmaps feature during init
  • Implementing new Remote Config/AB testing API: - Added an init time flag to enable/disable new remote config API (default: disabled) - Added a new call to opt in users to the A/B testing for the given keys - Added an init time flag to enable/disable automatically opting in users for A/B testing while fetching remote config (with new RC API)(default: enabled)


  • Added SDK calls to report Feedback widgets manually


  • Updated BoomerangJS to the latest version (1.737.0)
  • Implemented static code analysis recommendations from Codacy, Snyk and Deep Scan
  • Added an Angular integration example


  • Fixed logs that did not obey to the 'debug' flag


  • Added support for userAgentData
  • Now heatmap scroll event is recorded when leaving a view


  • Fixed a bug where the minified version had issues with the heatmap feature


  • Fixed a bug where heatmap files were not loading


  • !! Major breaking change !! Device ID provided during the init will be ignored if a device ID was provided previously
  • Added a new init time flag which erases the previously stored device ID. This allows to set new device ID during init
  • Added a new functionality with which it is possible to check the device ID type
  • Now it appends the device ID type with each request
  • Fixed a bug where custom utm tags were being overridden
  • Added a safety check preventing the user from changing the device ID at offline


  • Fixed a bug where some server response formats were rejected
  • Fixed a bug where some widgets' text color was not displayed correctly


  • Fixed a bug with `recordRatingWidgetWithID` where it would not record ratings


  • Fixed a bug where request queue was not processing


  • Fixed feedback widget bug related to the 'close events' origin check
  • When consent is changed it will now send the full consent state instead of just the changed consents
  • Rating widgets will now also be used through the feedback widgets API (in case the server supports it)
  • When overriding 'getViewName' it is now possible to return 'null' to indicate that the page name should not be recorded
  • Logs are now rearranged to include log levels


  • !! Major breaking change !! Rating and Feedback widgets now require 'star-rating' or 'feedback' consent exclusively, according to their type, instead of both: - `present_feedback_widget` needs 'feedback' consent only - `get_available_feedback_widgets` needs 'feedback' consent only - `enable_feedback` needs 'star-rating' consent only - `show_feedback_popup` needs 'star-rating' consent only - `initialize_feedback_popups` needs 'star-rating' consent only - `report_feedback` needs 'star-rating' consent only
  • !! Major breaking change !! Enabling offline mode or changing device ID without merging will now clear the current consent. Consent has to be given again after performing this action.
  • ! Minor breaking change ! 'change_id' will now not accept invalid device ID values. It will now reject null, undefined, values that are not of the type string and empty string values.
  • ! Minor breaking change ! Multiple values now have a default limit adjustable at initialization: - Maximum size of all string keys is now 128 characters by default. - Maximum size of all values in key-value pairs is now 256 characters by default. - Maximum amount of segmentation in one event is mow 30 key-value pairs by default. - Maximum amount of breadcrumbs that can be recorded at once is now 100 by default. - Maximum stack trace lines per thread is now 30 by default. - Maximum stack trace line length is now 200 by default.
  • Bug Fix - Fixed a bug where duration counter/timer was not paused even when the browser was out of focus
  • Deprecating `report_feedback`, now it redirects to `recordRatingWidgetWithID`
  • Deprecating `show_feedback_popup`, now it redirects to `presentRatingWidgetWithID`
  • Deprecating `initialize_feedback_popups`, now it redirects to `initializeRatingWidgets`
  • Deprecating `enable_feedback`, now it redirects to `enableRatingWidgets`
  • Deprecating `report_conversion`, now it redirects to `recordDirectAttribution`
  • When recording internal events with 'add_event', the respective feature consent will now be checked instead of the 'events' consent.
  • Increased the default max event batch size to 100.
  • Automatic orientation tracking is now enabled by default. It can be turned off during init.
  • Device ID can now be changed when no consent is given


  • Surveys ie bugfix for the undefined origin
  • Remove unload handlers
  • Don't use closest polyfill


  • [example] Crashes for react apps
  • [fix] Fetch remote config on init bug fix
  • [fix] Make sure code is running in a browser
  • [improvement] Add url to passed data from server for heatmaps (allowing to use separate servers for SDK and Heatmap)
  • [improvement] New landing page logic when session cookie is used (landing happens on every session start)
  • [update] Example dependency updates


  • Added new sample app to demo js symbolication
  • Added option to control storage (localstorage, cookie, none)
  • Bumped dependencies
  • Fixed bug when "enable_feedback" called multiple times
  • Provided an option to disable domain tracking


  • Add javascript flag to reported errors
  • Added React JS sample
  • Added explicit remote-config consent
  • Added support for Surveys and NPS
  • Added wildcard support for feedback target
  • Allow creating multiple instances to track different servers and/or apps
  • Allow users provide custom metrics
  • App prefixed storage, so changing new app key would not continue using old queue
  • Boomerang fixes for APM tracking
  • Fixed getting attributes of form correctly
  • Improved comments and documentation
  • Prevent widget duplication and reusing
  • Stricter Eslint rules


  • Add APM plugin which uses boomerang js for reporting performance
  • Add basic performance trace reporting option
  • Add device orientation reporting
  • Add feedback button size support
  • Add method to report feedback directly without dialog (for custom UI)
  • Allow adding and enriching metrics data
  • Allow providing custom headers in requests
  • Allow providing custom segments for view tracking
  • Crashes use a new way to record view name correctly
  • Fixed bug of removing feedback sticker in some cases
  • Fixed cross tab syncing when using namespaces
  • Limited array modification amount when syncing requests for performance
  • More error-prone storage clearing (in case of multi-tab data syncing)
  • Removed unsafe innerHTML assignments


  • Allow overwriting serialize and deserialize functions
  • Allow overwriting a way to provide view name and url
  • Allow namespacing shared storage for multiple separate trackers on same domain
  • Fixed issue adding feedback widget in some cases
  • Fixed expiring session on inactivity and cookie timeout
  • Fixed using same ignore CSS class when tracking forms data too
  • Allow passing device_id through url parameters for cross domain tracking
  • Added internal method to clear queues
  • Fixed to always notify loaders, even if tracking is disabled
  • Added isUUID method to check if it is Countly generated id
  • Implemented proper storage syncing between tabs
  • Implement offline mode support with option to delay passing device_id


  • Fixed feedback if disabled widgets on panel widgets are still enable.
  • Fixed feedback if set “all pages” as target, sticker not appear on all pages.


  • Add remote config support
  • Fixed loader for Google Analytics adapter
  • Use Array.isArray instead of === Array to avoid context problems
  • Added more bots to block
  • Remove x, y coordinates from link clicks
  • Track hidden inputs only if explicitly enabled
  • Allow redefining getters to get view name and url for views and clicks
  • Report unhandled promise rejections as handled crashes


  • Added persistence tests to test suite
  • Fixed views overreporting duration in some cases
  • Added session cookie support
  • Google Analytics adapter (reuse implemented Google Analytics code to send data to Countly servers)


  • Important Fix for regenerated device_id - Update to this version if you use 18.08 or 18.08.1.
  • Fixed storing none json data
  • Widgets params changed as popups and back-compatibility provided.


  • Add crash log breadcrumb limit
  • Allow unsetting custom property
  • Block Google security scanner
  • Empty event queue (into request queue) on device_id change (if user is not merged on server)
  • Feedback dialog support
  • Fixed bugs on consent checks
  • More error handling
  • Remove predictive session ends and rely on normal flow
  • Removing code duplication to reduce library size
  • Track UTM params as custom user properties
  • Webpack packaging wrapper


  • Add GDPR compliant consent management
  • Add internal method for creating consents and expose it
  • Notify loader listeners for sdk plugins on init too
  • Fix opt out functionality to keep event queue empty


  • Improved documentation and code clean up
  • Added track_scrolls to visualize in scroll heat map (Enterprise version)
  • Added resolution segmenting to heat/scroll map (Enterprise version)
  • Fixed scoping in form data collection


  • Improved documentation
  • Added view segment to autogenerated helper events
  • Added optin/optout functionality
  • Fixed race condition in tests
  • Fixed crashing when storage is not allowed by browser (cookies blocked)


  • Improved documentation
  • Expose internal methods for plugins
  • Allow loading pluggable code
  • Improved heat maps injecting them into website through SDK
  • Add option to ignore visitor
  • Fix possible recursion loop when using queued method calls


  • Some minor changes


  • Add ignore list for tracking views to ignore specific urls/view names
  • Fix logging message with undefined key for debug output
  • Added new configuration options, as session_update and max_events, force_post, ignore_prefetch
  • Automatic switch to POST if amount of data can't be handled by GET
  • Correctly handle ending session on device_id change without merge
  • Additional checks preventing possible crashes
  • Allow providing list of referrers to ignore
  • By default ignore data from prefetching/prerendering
  • Parse user agent on server
  • User unique millisecond timestamp for reporting
  • Fixed listening to forms and clicks logic
  • Properly handling iOS dips resolution and Android's orientation specific resolution
  • Using device pixels ratio as density metric


  • Improved the way to detect browsers
  • Updated searchbot ignore list
  • Improved efficiency (less writes and reads)
  • Less intrusive with DOM actions
  • Method to collect user data from forms
  • More commented code and docs
  • Attribution campaigns report organic conversions too, if campaign data was not provided
  • Exclude idle time from session duration
  • Added queue size limitation


  • Added page referrer metric for sources
  • More accurate session and time tracking
  • Tracking pages, pageviews and clicks, view frequency, landing pages, exits and bounces
  • And page and browser values to error reports
  • Added duration property to events and ability to measure timed events
  • Allow changing device_id property (with data merge option on server)
  • Allow atomic modifications and storing multiple values on custom user properties
  • Ignoring data from bots by default
  • Fix crashes with storage, when it is used too early, or has no permission
  • New configuration options, like processing interval, ignoring bots, failing timeout
  • Updated list detecting browsers
  • Allow pushing functions with synchronous code to async queue
  • More correct processing of the queue
  • Added storing and reporting conversions for Attribution Analytics


  • First official release compatible with Countly Server 15.08 functionalities