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File: jsdoc_conf.json
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Countly Web SDK
Track site accesses and errors the Countly API
Author: By
Last change: New Countly links (#361)

* new Countly links

* crlf to lf

* one more https

* cat paw fix
[541] workflow changes for docs (#220)

* doc testing

* doc generator changes

* 1

* fi erased

* nother fi

* erased

* lf

* added fis

* master tot merge

* reduced if check

* removed plugins

* plungs markdown

* brought back flows, script change, codacy badge change
Date: 9 months ago
Size: 1,818 bytes


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{ "tags": { "allowUnknownTags": true, "dictionaries": ["jsdoc","closure"] }, "source": { "includePattern": ".+\\.js$", "excludePattern": "(node_modules/|docs)" }, "plugins": ["plugins/markdown"], "markdown":{ "idInHeadings": true, "parser": "evilstreak", "dialect": "Maruku" }, "opts": { "template": "node_modules/docdash", "encoding": "utf8", "destination": "docs/", "recurse": true, "verbose": true }, "templates": { "cleverLinks": false, "monospaceLinks": false, "default": { "includeDate": false } }, "docdash": { "static": true, "sort": true, "disqus": "countly-documentation", "openGraph": { "title": "Countly Web SDK Documentation", "type": "website", "image": "", "site_name": "Countly Web SDK Documentation", "url": "" }, "meta": { "title": "Countly Web SDK Documentation", "description": "JSDoc generated Countly Web SDK documentation", "keyword": "countly, web, sdk, jsdoc, doc, documentation" }, "search": true, "collapse": true, "typedefs": true, "removeQuotes": "all", "menu":{ "Countly":{ "href":"" }, "Web SDK Docs":{ "href":"" }, "Github Repository":{ "href":"" } }, "scripts": [""] } }